Leading a youth ministry is never easy. It is even more difficult in the midst of an unforeseen pandemic that limits social interaction within the church. Though there are a myriad of great ideas and resources available, youth workers may still find themselves overwhelmed, unprepared, and confused about how to best navigate these times to continue to connect with young people in an effort to make disciples of Jesus Christ. SCMYP wants to help by offering youth workers up to 4 hour long individual coaching sessions FREE OF CHARGE to help you maximize the impact for Christ in these uncharted waters we are currently living in.

What is coaching? Coaching is designed to be a client (you) focused conversation with a trained coach that helps you uncover, understand, and unleash the best version of you possible. It is a perfect way to grow in ministry even in the world of quarantine as all coaching is done via phone or zoom. After coaching, youth workers will leave feeling encouraged and equipped to be more effective in ministry.

So how do you get started? It’s pretty simple. Simply click on the link HERE and find an hour long block that works for your schedule and sign up for it. Once you sign up for a time, Chris Lynch, coach and director of SCMYP will follow up with next steps to take prior to the call and to give instructions for the call. In the meantime, if you have questions, email us at info@scmyp.org.