SCMYP is excited to launch a pilot program for the the SCMYP Leaders Coaching Cohorts in 2020.  Registration is now open for youth workers across the SC Annual Conference to participate in this pilot coaching program.
To offer all youth workers an opportunity to participate in a coaching cohort that offers community, training, and spiritual growth to impact their work within the local church.
  • Participants will discover tools to evaluate and strengthen the effectiveness of their local church youth ministry.
  • Participants will grow in their personally in their faith in Christ as you cannot lead others to a place that you have not been.
  • Participants will become immersed as an integral part of a community of colleagues that understand “the tribe” that is youth workers.
  • 4 group gatherings with youth workers across the SC Annual Conference comprised of two elements:  1) youth ministry training and 2) personal and/or corporate spiritual reflection.  In addition to the group gatherings, each participant will have access to four, hour-long, individual coaching calls (one each month) that offers the participant coaching around a self-identified area of youth ministry and/or personal growth.  There will be two tracks of the program; one for full-time youth workers and a second for part-time and/or volunteer youth workers.
  • Full Time Track
    • Group Meetings on Mondays from 10-2 at Conference Office
    •  January 13, February 10, March 16, and April 13
  • Part Time Track
    • Group meetings on Saturday at Conference office OR by Zoom Call during week
    • January 18, February 15, March 28, and April 25

The cost for the pilot program of the SCMYP Leaders Coaching Cohort is $100/person.  The fee includes group and individual coaching sessions, plus resources for each session (including books) and a meal at each group coaching gathering.  

Space is limited, and is available on a first come, first served basis.  Registration is now open.   The deadline to register for the cohorts is December 31st. If you have questions or for more information please email