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Special Guests Announced

Revolution 2018 announced the lineup for this year’s events last month via the SCMYP social media accounts. If you missed it, you can catch up with all the news on the Revolution page of the SCMYP website.

Our speaker will be the Rev. Jasmine Smothers, and our worship will be led by Bonray.

Get to know each of our guests better on the web.

T-Shirt Design Released

For the first time ever, we are pre-releasing the T-shirt design for Revolution.
Check it out:

Be sure to guarantee your sizes by pre-ordering your shirts when you register.
At the event, we will have a limited number available on a first-come,
first-served basis.

Revolution Registration

Registration for Revolution is now open. On the registration page, you can register your group and pre-order any event T-shirts. The deadline to register at the standard $55 rate is Jan. 12. After that date, all registrations will take place at the door at a rate of $65.

Volunteers Needed for Youth 2019

Hey you! Yes, you! Come Volunteer at YOUTH 2019!
We are excited to announce that all the info about how to become a volunteer is now up on our website!
Maybe you want to volunteer because you’ve been to past YOUTH Events and you loved the expirence. Maybe you want to volunteer because you feel God is calling you to work with young people. Maybe you have no idea what YOUTH 2019 is but you’re looking for a fun volunteer opportunity. Whatever your reasons we’ve got you covered!
You can check out all the information on how to become a volunteer at but we thought we’d share some highlights with you right now!
Who can volunteer?
Anyone who is 19 years of age or older!
What do I get to do as a volunteer?
There are three options when filling out your volunteer application:
Service Volunteer
Youth 2019 is going where no YOUTH event has gone before; we are incorporating service opportunities! But this means we need lots of volunteers to help us get YOUTH participants to and from their worksites, organize worksites and more. The Service Volunteers will go through a special training at the beginning of the week with the YOUTH 2019 Service Coordinators. During training volunteers will learn about the service program, be assigned jobs for the week, and learn to work together as a team.
Backstage Volunteer
Backstage Volunteers are one of the most important groups of volunteers at Youth 2019. Trained by the Stage Manager and Worship Coordinator these volunteers will be an integral part of making evening worship and morning Bible studies happen. Backstage Volunteer jobs will vary from day to day depending on what the Stage Manager and Worship Coordinator assign.
 Gathering Volunteer 
The Gathering Volunteers cover a variety of jobs and are the heartbeat of the event. Gathering Volunteers do everything from working the registration desk and information booths, to helping in workshops and DIG groups. The Gathering Volunteer is the most versatile of all the volunteer positions. A Gathering Volunteer may spend his or her morning helping at registration and their afternoon overseeing games in the exhibit hall. Everyday will be different for Gathering Volunteers.
How to become a volunteer
Beceoming a volunteer is simple! In July 2018 we will open registration and along with that we will open our volunteer application. You will get a chance choose in what capacity you wish to serve and we will do our best to make sure you are placed where you want to be.Â
Things are coming together for YOUTH 2019 and  we couldn’t be mre excited to share it with you! Â

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