Prayer Response and Discussion

We want to help you and your students prepare for a meaningful Revolution 2021! 

Prior to Saturday night, ask each student to find and/or bring a small ordinary item from their home that represents them in some way. Doesn’t matter what it is!  If you are meeting with your church in person, make sure each student brings their item with them.  If your students are wathching along at home, encourage them to have the item readily available for the response time.  

Following the first and third talks (the middle talk will have a response time for personal prayer as is typical on Saturday night of Revolution weekend) students will be encouraged to reflect, engage in discussion, and use their ordinary item to add to and create a Mosaic.


Following the First Talk – 1 Corinthians 12:6 – students will be asked to reflect on the ordinary item they’ve selected and these questions:

Are there things in your life that leave you feeling a bit broken today?

Why did you choose the specific item you selected?

Are there times you clearly see your difference? How is your object different from ones other’s have selected?

What helps you to see how your difference is very, very good?


Following the Second Talk – 1 Peter 3:3-6 – students will be led through a prayer. You may have students who feel strongly about receiving God’s grace for the first time or recommitting their life to following Jesus. Please check in with your students, remind them they are a masterpiece created by God, and reassure them that while tonight may be an important step along their journey of faith it doesn’t end here and that you will walk with them going forward.


Following the Third Talk – Acts 20:7-12 – students will be asked to reflect on the ordinary item they’ve selected and these questions:

What would it look like if we are all more willing to love?

Is God nudging you tonight to love the people in your life more fully, deeply, differently? 

Put your ordinary items together with others, we’re creating a mosaic! Take pictures are share them with us!

How are all the different objects gather together, the different pieces of our mosaic, connected to one another? Is this how it works when we come together as the Church?

How is God nudging you to use your unique gifts for the masterpiece of God’s Kingdom?   


We know that at times it might feel like there is a lot packed into this one live stream, but please know the schedule for the night has been designed to give you and your group some buffer room so that if discussion is going well you won’t immediately miss the next time of worship. We also hope that you will use the questions posed to keep discussion going as the night wraps up and in the days to come!


If you are planning to gather together with your group in person please have them engage in conversation and discussion with these questions! Have your students put all of their items together to form a new image, a mosaic. You might want to have large poster board or paper for them to use as a backdrop for this. Please share a picture of your group’s mosaic on social media with the hash tag #REVSC and email it to us at


If your students are participating in their individual homes, please be creative with how your group might have discussion throughout the live stream and following the event (ie: group text messages, GroupMe, Zoom). Consider having your students all send you pictures of their items so that you can create a photo mosaic, or consider putting all of their items together into a mosaic the next time you are able to gather. We still want to see your pictures however and whenever your group creates a mosaic, so share them with the hash tag #REVSC and email it to us at   


Again, if you have any questions, please email us at