devotionalsscreenJesus replied, “What is impossible with people is possible with God.”

Luke 18:27


Disney World is known as the “Magic Kindgom,” and Orlando grew like magic after that world-famous theme park opened.  So we know where the team got its name.  That word, magic, is used to describe just about everything special that happens.  We might say, “She appeared, as if by magic,” or we might hear someone on TV talk about the “magic” of an opening night or in a romantic relationship.  Magic Johnson got his nickname because of his spectacular passes.  And the popular Harry Potter books and movies are filled with imaginative magic.


Watching a magician’s tricks, we can be amazed by the illusions and slight-of-hand.  When we’re very young, we might think these performers have special powers.  We soon learn, however, that they just know how to fool us, that every magic trick has a secret to make it work:  hidden strings or compartments, distractions, mirrors, and other techniques.  And we know movies are make-believe.  So although we know the Magic Kingdom is wonderful fun and the Magic basketball team can do amazing moves with a ball and a hoop, we don’t think anything supernatural is happening.


Then what do we do about the miracles described in the Bible?  The Red Sea parted, the sun stood still, Jericho’s walls fell, Gideon’s army won, Elijah called down fire from heaven, Naaman’s leprosy disappeared, a donkey talked, a man survived three days inside a huge fish and Jesus healed, brought people back to life, and was raised from the dead himself!  Many people will say that those were just tricks or that the people writing about them were wrong.  Folks like that may have been tricked before or just don’t believe that miracles are possible.


But with God, anything is possible.  And that’s the difference between magic and miracles.  True miracles come from God.  Does God still intervene and suspend the laws of nature from time to time?  Sure!  And He doesn’t mind us asking for them.  But He expects us to do what He has already told us in His Word and to depend on Him for strength day by day.


If you want to see a miracle, just think of the lives He has changed, including yours!